Getting started on HTTP/1.1 update/consolidation of RFC723x

Hello HTTP WG,

As Patrick mentioned, the WG has adopted the draft-fielding-httpbis-http-* drafts and
the editors (me, Julian, and Mark) have moved our work area over to <>

in order to take advantage of the existing repo history and post-RFC723x issues list at <>

To get started, we replayed the changes from my temporary dwid-org repo
(just editorial work to reflect draft status again) and have published an initial set of
drafts 00: <> <> <> <> <> <>

and the whole set will be linked from

Note that there is no need to review the 00 drafts, unless you feel a need to
check that we didn't delete something by mistake.  Diffs can be obtained via

(see also Julian's list at <>).

We have already started our next task: consolidating the six drafts down to three
or two.  Specifically, we are moving the common introductory, architecture, and URI
material from messaging to semantics, moving all of conditional, range and auth
into semantics, and then will evaluate whether to move caching into semantics.
Ultimately, the goal is to move forward with the semantics and messaging drafts
and leave the remaining four (or three if we keep cache) as tombstones that
point to where the old sections were moved.

We will post a draft 01 before we start making any changes to the
content (aside from removing cross-references or duplicate summaries).
As we consolidate things, the diffs are going to get weird.  I will try to create
a franken-RFC723x (rearranging the original RFC txt sections) to minimize diffs.

That's the plan so far.  In the mean time, feel free to review the issues list and
be sure to add anything you might want addressed.


....Roy Fielding (with Mark Nottingham and Julian Reschke)

Received on Thursday, 5 April 2018 18:11:02 UTC