Re: Clarification on Alternative Service Connection Failures

> But pre-Alt-Svc we would never automatically retry an even idempotent
> request on receipt ‚Äčof a 5xx. But I think you're suggesting that it in an
> Alt-Svc world, that might be something a browser would do?

you have defeated my plan of not answering the question..

I don't really know that the alt-svc vs default-svc makes a difference to
me.. the real question is one of replay risk and that answer seems equally
opaque in each circumstance because you have no idea what the source of the
unexpected internal error might be.

fwiw 5xx does not actually impact firefox's alt-svc cache today.. but it
seems like the right change to make.

Received on Friday, 29 September 2017 23:33:25 UTC