Re: Sequential and Max Push ID (was Re: Push ID - Merge Imminent)

On 10 August 2017 at 10:46, Jana Iyengar <> wrote:
> One other point: The PR now expects the server to push only after it's heard
> a MAX_PUSH_ID from the client. Is it useful to still have the old boolean
> that would indicate push is disabled by the client? Otherwise you have a
> server that's waiting forever to push but can't because it didn't hear
> anything from the client "yet". (Tertiary point: it might be useful for
> various debugging/logging purposes to have an explicit disabling.)

Maybe we can defer a decision on this.  It seems like something that
we might learn very easily from implementing.  We could spend a lot of
time speculating about what value that sort of signal might provide or
we could wait to see if it is a real problem in practice.  I suggest
that we open an issue so that we don't forget.

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