Re: Alt-Svc special value "clear" clarification

On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 8:40 AM, Samuel Hurst <> wrote:

> Is it expected that the alternative services will include Alt-Svc
> headers in their own responses? If they are providing exactly the same
> service as the origin, would the advertised alternative services be
> identical to those offered by the origin, i.e. including the alternative
> service being used?

The alternatives *are* the origin just as much as the default-host origin
is. So whatever they choose to advertise has the same impact - including
clear, extending their own (self) alternative ttl via ma, etc..

now what they actually do is up to the implementation and whether it wants
to distribute these routing decisions (and therefore probably use short ma
that can be extended easily), or centralize them (let the alternatives
expire once in a while and have the default-origin make a new decision)..
both are reasonable approaches.

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