Re: 2017-03-06- UTC, TImeZone, DayLight Saving Shifts, Enconding

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Folks please take this off-list; it's not on topic here.


> On 20 Mar 2017, at 5:22 am, Walter H. <> wrote:
> On 19.03.2017 19:10, Joe Touch wrote:
>>> when the client allows to define, only to show events going on the actual day or later, such events are shown, too ...
>>> by the way, the RFC5545 is bullshit, because nobody interprets the following
>>> "working days from monday to friday"
>>> like this ...
>> I cannot find that sort of indication (Monday to Friday) in that RFC.
> Gratulation: you have just given the prove that this RFC is really bullshit, because
> an event is possible to go from monday to friday ...

Mark Nottingham

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