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Right guys, you are quite right UTC correct and what use in the backend
systems and for communication.
I managed to get into a rabit hole of solving issues in our system, in
which one our solution store offset with each time, instead of using lookup
tables, to have a history of what setting was.I did manage to clearly
confuse myself, between the formatted one that I was picturing in my mind,
versus the encoded one. some how got confused with UTCOffset being encoded
and us saving a copy of UTCOffset.
So leap seconds, would be the only issues as you correctly stated above.
Sorry for causing so much confusion.

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Wesley Oliver

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> Hi,
> You can already do all of this (except maybe for leap seconds, if you have
> an app that cares about one second every few years I feel for you), by
> storing every datetime in UTC (Z timezone of ISO 8601), and converting to
> local time in the presentation layer, with the TZ database. It's a good
> idea to convert using the database as a last step anyway, it avoids
> widespread data corruption when the database has not been updated timely on
> the local system. And it needs updating since governments can be fickle.
> Storing anything in local time like dos-like systems like to do is a
> recipe for failure (I've even seen some of them invent local time UNIX
> timestamps !)
> See also the W3C datetime profile of ISO 8601 that every one uses
> practically to transmit datetimes portably. It requires the sender to
> convert timezones to UTC offset so the rest of the software ecosystem does
> not have to care about it.
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