2017-03-06- UTC, TImeZone, DayLight Saving Shifts, Enconding

Hi All,

Does any one know of an existing standard that deals with TimeZone,Daylight
encoding, because as of current UTC, doesn't deal with timezone and
daylight saving as
far as I am a where, which means, that for leap seconds and backwards
timeshift, their can
be duplicate UTC dates.

I have take a quick look at the problem and things could be rather small
one to solve, but needs some input from others and think make it potential
new standard, would be great step forward
for all server communicating.

I would like for time to have the property that it is unique in the context
of planet earth and always increase in its binary value. has the observed
entropy encoding property.
For this to happen I need to always encode UTC offset as a property.
I would like to introduce encoding scheme for UTCOffset, that encodes the
last timeshift offset
forward or in reverse, that would allow backward shifting of time of
events, to be preserved.
Typically this would required 2600 minutes about 4096bits or 2^12 plus sign
bit so 2^13,
which provides a total resolution of 8192 values, where by 2600*2=5200 +1
are used for UTC minute offset encoding with timeshift forward or backwards
from last shift.
The the reaming 8192 - 5201 = could be split and used possibly for leap
seconds adjustment.

As this would allow writing applications once, that could simply be used
any where on planet earth.
Where date and time difference, could easily be computed simply for all

Any suggestions on where to start and with whom to speak, or if NTP has
address this issues
and we probably should be copying from that.

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Wesley Oliver

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Received on Monday, 6 March 2017 13:46:19 UTC