Re: H2: Should there be a limit to tolerance ?

In message <>, Stefan Eissing

>That leaves the cases where
>a) your counterpart speaks a flavour of valid h2 that you do not know. 
>That is the extensibility that the spec tries to achieve, AFAICT.

Yes, and that's smart & fine & everything.

And in general you can probably expect the counterpart to stop
sending extensions when nothing comes back indicating they make
any difference.

But what if the counterpart just keeps hammering you with frames
which you ignore ?

What if it keeps hammering you with *only* frames which get ignored ?

What if it does so at very high rate, because it is buggy or hostile ?

What if the buggy implementation was in several million Internet-Of-Shit
things that got poured into concrete years ago ?

There's got to be _some_ limit to patience ?

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