Re: ORIGIN - suggested changes


On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 2:11 AM, Martin Thomson <>
> >   - Redefines the initial Origin Set as whatever SNI included (if
> If you do support this feature, the second change leads to having no
> valid origins initially if you don't use SNI.  It also could be read
> to prohibit coalescing as we do today.  Presumably the set is whatever
> we have today until you see an ORIGIN frame.  You should probably say
> something about that.

I'm confused by the "if you don't use SNI part", how can that happen with
RFC 7540, 9.2. stating:
+    The TLS implementation MUST support the Server Name Indication (SNI)
+    [TLS-EXT] extension to TLS.  HTTP/2 clients MUST indicate the target

I've seen HTTP/2 servers reject the connection if the client doesn't send
an SNI.


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