Re: Question regarding RFC 7230

On 2017-01-06 01:01, Hartford, Eric wrote:
> I have a few questions I was hoping to clarify.
> Is a GET request allowed to have a body?  (the spec seems to say “yes”)
> RFC 7230 3.3 <>
> The presence of a message body in a request is signaled by a
> Content-Length or Transfer-Encoding header field.  Request message
> framing is independent of method semantics, even if the method does
> not define any use for a message body.


> Is the server allowed to look at the body in a GET request?  (debatable)
> RFC 7231 4.3.1 <>
> A payload within a GET request message has no defined semantics;
> sending a payload body on a GET request might cause some existing
> implementations to reject the request.

It can look at it, but it wouldn't be wise to do so (for instance, 
because other actors might have removed it).

It would be helpful if you explained what you're looking for. A safe 
method that allows a request body, so data doesn't need to be sent as 
part of the URI?

Best regards, Julian

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