Re: making up new header field syntax...

On 2017-06-29 13:50, Mike West wrote:
> ...
> Because I secretly expect to move back to JSON at some point in the 
> future, I'd prefer to require quoted-string, as that seems 
> forward-compatible with treating the header as a list of valid JSON 
> objects. That is, `Header: value, value, value` would explode in a JSON 
> parser, while `Header: "value", "value", "value"` would not.
> ...

Oh, what a cunning plan - now it makes perfect sense :-)

But be aware that if you write


in ABNF, it also matches "Value", "VALUE, "vALUE" etc - something you 
likely do not want in this case.

So you may have to invoke the ABNF-Extension defined in 
<>. Example in 
"clear" production.

Best regards, Julian

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