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>Future consolidation of existing headers is a nice-to-have, but as 
>discussed quite a bit, may require some awkwardness that makes it 
>undesirable. My understanding was that this was a non-goal for this 

It was my goal to at least not make it impossible.

>Likewise, creating another header serialisation / compression that takes 
>advantage of what we do is something we should keep an eye on, but isn't 
>an immediate goal.

Give the rapidly increasing volume of cryptographically whitened
data in headers, it might be a good idea to try to steer that data
towards a syntax which HPACKng/QUIC/whatever can recognize and
transmit as binary, to avoid the b64+compression detour.

Of course nothing prevents a compressor from speculatively looking
at a substring to see if it can be transmitted more efficiently by
un-b64'ing and then re-b64 it on the far side.

Somebody[tm] should really simulate that...

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