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That's not part of the current design; we don't specify a way for the server to tell the client that a stored response is stale outside the context of a request.

You *could* do this with server push, but that hasn't been specified to such a level of detail. Doing that is something we've discussed in the past. See thread starting here:


> On 17 May 2017, at 1:53 am, Simeon Frid <> wrote:
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> I have a question regarding how this feature will work on the client-side. From reading the work document I don't quite understand whether this will support invalidating a client asset, even if it has not expired in the client resource cache (i.e. doing a cache bust from the server).
> I'm absolutely new to standard works and am probably not using the correct terminology, but I'll try to explain: Let's say a client sends a cache digest including an asset X, and the server responds: "Your asset X is stale". My question is whether the client will then update asset X, even if asset X is fresh according to the client's resource cache.
> If this mechanism works as I'm thinking, this feature could be used as an alternative to URL cache busting (invalidating a fresh client-cached resource by renaming the resource URL from the server-side). Is that a correct assumption?
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