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 Rousskov writes:
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>> And yes, in HTTP/1.1 serialization you cannot tell if a particular
>> identifier is a word or a number, you need to definition of the
>> header in question to tell you that, that's the cost of a very
>> concise definition and backwards compatibility with standardized
>> headers.
>The "cost" part does not compute: A grammar without any "integer"
>element would be even more "concise" and still backwards compatible.

The serialization in HTTP/2/HPACK+ or QUIC might distinguish between
identifiers and numbers for efficiency reasons.

>IMHO, if the grammar remains ambiguous, then we should explicitly state
>that because that property may seriously affect parser implementations.

Header Structure is not a syntactical specification, so the ambiguity
is not a problem.  HS is more like a vocabulary trying to prevent
future headers from being needlessly inventive.

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