httpbis - New Meeting Session Request for IETF 99

A new meeting session request has just been submitted by Mark Nottingham, a Chair of the httpbis working group.

Working Group Name: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Area Name: Applications and Real-Time Area
Session Requester: Mark Nottingham

Number of Sessions: 2
Length of Session(s):  1.5 Hours, 1.5 Hours
Number of Attendees: 100
Conflicts to Avoid: 
First Priority:  quic artarea dispatch tls
Second Priority:  core

People who must be present:
 Alexey Melnikov
 Mark Nottingham
 Martin Thomson
 Julian Reschke
 Patrick McManus

Resources Requested:

Special Requests:
 One session is joint with QUIC; must not conflict its conflicts. The other is just us. Ideally both would be on adjacent days.

One or both as 2-hour are fine too, if that makes scheduling easier.

Received on Monday, 24 April 2017 07:59:02 UTC