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>2.  Definition of HTTP Header Common Structure
>|     unicode_string = * unicode_codepoint
>|             # XXX: Is there a place to import this from ?
>|             # Unrestricted unicode, because there is no sane
>|             # way to restrict or otherwise make unicode "safe".
>What is range of unicode_codepoint ?

As far as I know, UNICODE does not have a firm upper end, but
everybody _expects_ 32 bits to be enough for everybody.

Since section two is the abstract datamodel, that's the best we can
do there.

>3.  HTTP/1 Serialization of HTTP Header Common Structure
>Or is unicode values > 0xFFFF
>encoded with surrogates  (values 0xd8000 - 0xdffff) ?
>( UCS-2 or UTF-16 is used )

That was the plan.

Not a particular good plan, as evindenced by the fact that I forgot
to write that, and that JSON has seen interop issues with parsers
missing that detail.

I will add text about it.

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