Re: 6455 Websockets and the relationship to HTTP

> On 2 Dec 2016, at 03:43, Andy Green <> wrote:
> The basic problem is you can't deploy an h2 server that also does ws,
> even in a not very efficient way.  This seems like something failed
> somewhere, and one way or another should be enabled.
> ^--- that's all the "convincing" I plan to do.

I assume that what you mean here is you can’t deploy a H2 *only* server that also does WS: that is, a server with no HTTP/1.1 stack.

To which I reply: so what? Last I looked no-one was deploying servers that can *only* do HTTP/2 except in very specific cases where they are deliberately seeing the HTTP/2 use-cases (the only two instances I know of are Apple’s new Push Notification Service and Amazon’s Alexa API, both of which are HTTP/2 only: presumably they considered and rejected the use of WS, and it didn’t stop them shipping their product).

I don’t think anyone is planning to move to a HTTP/2-only server stack anytime soon, and we have a whole bunch of servers that have mature and battle-tested HTTP/1.1 stacks that aren’t going anywhere. So I’m not really convinced that there’s any demand for H2-only + WS. Of course, I might be wrong (I’m wrong a lot).


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