Re: WiSH: A General Purpose Message Framing over Byte-Stream Oriented Wire Protocols (HTTP)

On Fri, Nov 25, 2016 at 10:32:03AM +0800, Andy Green wrote:
> That's not necessarily a problem, but is either of you guys who decided
> that going to restore the ML to have the kind of management it had when
> it spat out RFC6455?  Or if it's chicken-and-egg, since the list is
> moribund and no evident interest today to point to, some threshold for
> that happening?

No, the list isn't moribund. There are periods of the year where people
are more available for discussions and periods where they are less
available. Also before an IETF meeting people exchange less because
many will meet face to face and save time this way, after a meeting
they discuss more, but mostly on subjects presented at the meeting.
The HyBi WG was very active because it started bad and woke up passions
among many people who were scared to have to destroy their product just
to support it. But the period was devastating for everyone involved,
better never do that again.

These days there are several active drafts posted on the WG here and
people can assign 1 hour once in a while to review them and comment.
Many of us also rely on the others to do the first reading and see what
it speaks about without spending this first hour. You just need to be a
bit patient and to sometimes remind people when you need help or review
with your draft so that participants can reprioritize their planned


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