Live Byte Ranges

Dear HTTPbis denizens,

As I did with the 103-proposal, I have a request to the working group
implementors to offer a sign of their interest or opposition to the Random
Access and Live Content draft and presentation that we talked about in

To summarize briefly - this addresses the problem of addressing byte ranges
of dynamic (growing) content. A number of solutions have seen false starts
in this space previously, but this one has a shot at being compatible with
existing infrastructure.

This was published quite close to the meeting, and while the chairs had the
sense people generally really liked the solution it also seemed as if not
everyone had the chance to get familiar with it. Please do so with this

Particular comments on the draft are welcome here, as are general comments
along the line of "that would be good for the ecosystem" or "omg - I can't
stomach that because <<>>". If there is enough interest we'll proceed with
a CFA.


at the 00:51 mark

Received on Tuesday, 22 November 2016 22:39:06 UTC