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In message <>, Willy Tarreau writes:

>In my opinion we don't care here. And maybe we can document the expected
>minimal precision (eg: minimum 53 bits to be able to store a 32-bit
>integral range with a 1/1000000 fractional precision.

Uhm, guys:

       number = ["-"] 1*15 DIGIT
               # XXX: Not sure how to do this in ABNF:
               # XXX: A single "." allowed between any two digits
               # The range is limited is to ensure it can be
               # correctly represented in IEEE754 64 bit
               # binary floating point format.

Please notice:

	1) If there is a period, it _has_ to be between to digits.

	2) max 15 digits in total, so that people stuffing them in
	   ieee64bin aka double, don't get surprises.

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