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On 2016-11-13 13:36, Kazuho Oku wrote:
> ...
> I do not have a strong preference on whether if we should try to
> rescue the broken implementations, but to me your report is
> interesting in the fact that it shows the bounds of using header-based
> negotiation to work-around such implementations.
> HTTP headers are end-to-end by default. Therefore a request header for
> negotiating the use of 103 would go through an intermediary incapable
> of handling 1xx correctly. We might consider designating the header
> used for negotiation as a hop-by-hop header, but I'd be scared of
> using a new token to the connection header (for interoperability
> issues).
> In other words, using header-based negotiation for Early Hints only
> limitedly improves interoperability.
> ...

...but then, requiring HTTPS (in theory eliminating broken middle boxes) 
would, right?

Best regards, Julian

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