Re: New Version Notification for draft-vkrasnov-h2-compression-dictionaries-01.txt

> The document is really light on details regarding how to use a
> dictionary.  I realize that this might /seem/ obvious, but it really
> needs to explain how better (up front preferably) how it is intended
> to work.  In particular, how do I tell what compression algorithm to
> feed the dictionary into?  HTTP/2 doesn't know about compression, in
> particular, HTTP/2 really *can't* use content-encoding.

Actually I was in the mind of reusing accept-encoding/content-encoding for this.

> I see that you have settings for the number of dictionaries, and the
> size of those dictionaries, this is good, but I think that you need to
> set an overall limit instead of a per-dictionary limit
> SETTINGS_MAX_DICTIONARY_SIZE (you get better efficiency that way).

That sounds like a good idea. 
The benefit of having a per-dictionary limit, is that when you append a stream to an existing dictionary it is implied you only keep the maximal allowed amount of bytes.
After all there is no point of having a dictionary larger than your window.
With a global limit you might want to specify how many bytes to keep explicitly, that creates additional overhead.
Maybe combine both?

> I like the idea of static dictionaries, but your structure would force
> an implementation to support ALL static dictionaries if they wanted to
> support ANY dynamic dictionaries.  That might be inadvisable.  A
> separate setting would be better I think.  (Static dictionaries could
> start from the top of the numbering space, perhaps, so that you can
> have many static dictionaries.)

There a few options I considered for static dictionaries, and all of them are acceptable for me.
Currently I went for the cheapest option in terms of implementation simplicity/overhead.

> The security considerations need a lot more detail about when it is
> safe to use a compression dictionary, etc.

It should be OK compress same origin, self referenced requests, this however degrades performance on sharded websites.
Also the use of static dictionaries is quite safe.

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