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On 2016-11-01 02:32, Kazuho Oku wrote:
> Cory, Julian, thank you for looking into the I-D.
> Thank you for looking into the existing implementations using Python.
> Your research makes it evident that some kind of negotiation is
> mandatory if we are going to use 103 on the public Internet.

Having to negotiate it makes me sad.

> For the purpose, defining an Accept-EH header (much like Accept-CH)
> might make sense. For example, a client can send `Accept-EH: Link` to
> indicate that it will recognize link headers within the Early Hints.

Can't we use "Prefer"?

> For HTTP/2, my tendency leans toward using HTTP headers rather than
> having its own way of negotiation, considering the fact that the
> information transferred using Early Hints could be considered
> end-to-end rather than hop-by-hop, and also that we can expect HPACK
> to compress Accept-EH header efficiently.

For HTTP/2, I think we should push stronger to fix the code and not 
negotiate at all.

>> I’ll start filing bugs against relevant repositories to address this behaviour so that the Python ecosystem is less embarrassingly unprepared for further 1XX status codes, but in the short-to-medium term it would be much better if we could negotiate the 103 status code rather than assume it will function correctly.
> Fantastic! Thank you for all your efforts.

Best regards, Julian

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