Re: Bar BOF in Seoul and Mailing List - DNS over HTTP ideas

Hi All - an update on this:

We're planning an informal Bar BOF on this topic Tuesday night in Seoul.
The place is TBD - but I'll reply to this mail as we get closer with the
detail. Just hold the place on your dance-card.

If you haven't joined the list, there is some good discussion there and
even a draft (thanks Paul and Joe!) - check it out on the archives.


On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 11:22 AM, Patrick McManus <>

> Hi All -
> DNS over HTTP comes up again and again - each time the context is a bit
> different. Some efforts try and extract information from the DNS via HTTP,
> others try and modify the DNS information via HTTP, others try and use HTTP
> as a tunnel for the DNS protocol, and still others aim to integrate DNS
> information directly into the HTTP protocol stack. Along the way there are
> firewalls, caches, markup languages, content-encodings, half solutions,
> security challenges, and other dragons.
> Someone made the excellent suggestion that we try and get a broad set of
> expertise here - both from the folks that understand DNS, the folks that
> are more experienced with HTTP, as well as the folks well versed in
> interfaces together to build a more complete set of requirements and after
> that's done we can make a gut check on whether that's a problem we want to
> solve together.
> Let's hold an informal bar-bof in Seoul (time and place TBD) on the topic
> and see if we can get critical mass together for the effort - we can
> discuss forums/etc for this work along the way - but I'm most interested to
> see if we can get the attention of the diverse set of folks necessary to
> make it succeed.
> There is a new list as a way to prepare for that meetup.
> List address:
> Archive:
> To subscribe:
> I know some folk are working in this space already - please join
> dnsoverhttp and share what you're working on (or have worked on in the past
> and lessons learned from it)
> Thanks!
> -Patrick

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