Re: Quick review for draft-svirid-websocket2-over-http2 (Was: Re: Draft HTTPbis Agenda For Seoul IETF 97)

> In case of H2O, all schemes are handling equally at the protocol
> layer. In other words, whatever the :scheme is, the server is designed
> to wait for a request, and then send response.


There is one exception however. When there is no :scheme and :method is

But all :scheme:s are equal.  HTTP is used to connect to proxy
and that is HTTP request/response model. Proxy then translate
request to protocol indicated by :scheme.

> So if we are to start using the HTTP/2 framing layer to transmit
> websocket or other bi-directional communication, I think we should
> require negotiation using SETTINGS frame.

Yes, I suggested that also.  (There was many posts

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