Fwd: Multipath TCP at the IETF'97 Hackathon and the httpbis WG

HTTP-folks - please see below about a Multipath Hackathon effort in Seoul
that you might want to have your HTTP implementation participate in or find
out more about!


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From: Olivier Bonaventure <Olivier.Bonaventure@uclouvain.be>

During the next IETF meeting in Seoul, we organise a hackathon to allow
application developers to learn how they could use the new enhanced socket
API for Multipath TCP that is being discussed within the Multipath TCP
working group. We believe that this socket API will enable application
developers to efficiently control how their applications could interact
with Multipath TCP. Some ideas about this API are already documented in




We will release the Linux kernel patches for this enhanced socket API in
the coming week [..]


Best regards and thanks again for your help,

Olivier Bonaventure

Received on Monday, 17 October 2016 19:30:02 UTC