TCP Tuning for HTTP, the next step


I think the future of this document involve:

- More help from Tim Wicinski with the editing. Possibly from more too. I've 
been having a hard time to give it the focus it needs to develop.

- Focus the document on HTTP implementers. I'm not sure it has to be expressed 
in the document itself but just having a clear audience in mind when writing 
will help.

- Splitting it up on server vs client use. If necessary, for intermediaries as 
well, although I suspect/hope we can stick to server and client.

- Ideally getting more proper pull requests for contributions (and filing 
issues to use as items to work on). It could help if/when we move it over from 
my personal github to httpbis to make it clearer where people's efforts are 

- I would like to see each section refer to "deep dives" on the specific areas 
so that readers who want it all and think the explanations given in this 
document to be too "thin" be able to easily find more.

- Accepting the fact that we're only in the beginning and the document can 
still change a lot before we're all (mostly) happy with it.

- Less name calling on the mailing list



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