Re: Experiences with HTTP/2 server push

On 6/08/2016 7:07 a.m., Alcides Viamontes E wrote:
> Looked that way, HTTP/2 Push is a big deal for web components. And it is
> not far fetched, we are planning to release these features for ShimmerCat
> 1.7. The only thing we require from browser  is that they check if there is
> a push promise for a resource strictly -- but as late as possible -- before
> starting a fetch.
> The same can be done with hierarchies of scripts, although we will have to
> wait a bit for people to stop making big .js blobs....

Any particular reason to wait?

Implementing it early allows demonstration that its faster not to use
blobs. Without that visible reason to change its unlikely that blobs
will disappear.


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