Re: If not JSON, what then ?

In message <>, Willy Tarreau writes:

>> My take is that the data-model and serialization should be general
>> and unconstrained, and the constraints be applied in a/the schema
>> for each individual header.
>But we're talking about protocol efficiency as well, which passes via
>taking into account what we have. We could for example consider the
>notion of "extended strings" which are only used for header fields
>which are not relevant to the protocol itself (eg: not used in
>accept/range/connection/...) and which would allow unicode to be
>safely transmitted. It might be used for user-agent if needed.

Unicode can already be safely transmitted as UTF-8, problem is that
people don't know if it is UTF-8 or ISO8859.

The "\U" prefix/escape would solve that efficiently.

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