Re: If not JSON, what then ?

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>Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> My personal intuition was that we should find a binary serialization
>> (like CORS), 
>I'm assuming here you mean CBOR?

Sorry yes, not enough tea yet...

>Once a bespoke design of a data model and serialization is completed,
>that is likely to be as complicated as CBOR (or even more).

Not if we follow the datamodel I proposed.

>The real problem is then that we have added another data model and
>serialization of that data model to the overall complexity that needs to
>be managed by a system that connects to the web.

Well, the problem is that if we do not add a common datamodel,
each and every new header brings its own.

And by basing the datamodel on the existing HTTP(1) header syntax,
we would not need to base64 encode a binary format in HTTP1

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