Re: Informal meeting on blind caching

On 27/07/2016 11:11 p.m., Martin Thomson wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> Yes you have correctly understood the draft.
> On 27 July 2016 at 12:33, Richard Bradbury wrote:
>> Finally, a basic question: For this to work, both the origin server and the
>> proxy server need to support blind caching. So how does a User Agent
>> discover whether both do? Through trial and error?
> We use Accept-Encoding and a new header field to signal to the origin
> server that the client is willing to do this.  The proxy is explicitly
> configured and this capability could be part of that configuration,
> but we could do something better than that.  Trial and error might
> work, but again, a better plan would be to have explicit signaling.
> Off the cuff, /.well-known/ might work.

As would a BC reply header in the initial CONNECT tunnel reply message
which is generated by the explicit proxy.


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