Re: Precision of numbers using JSON Header Field Values

On 2016-07-15 06:13, Kazuho Oku wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a question about how numbers are going to be handled using JSON
> Header Field Values.
> In section 6.1, the draft uses Content-Length header as an example,
> and states that in case the header is to be represented using JSON,
> the definition should "restrict all numbers to be non-negative
> integers without fractions."
> Does this mean that numbers should not be expressed using the
> exponential notation (which would mean that we would be adding a
> restriction to JSON encoder / parser), or does it mean that we should
> validate the number _after_ parsing it using method defined in RFC
> 7159?
> ...

That's a good point, and (as the uniqueness issue) a general weakness of 

We could:

1) Mandate that all numeric values need to be transferred as strings 
(loosing some of the benefits), or

2) Require use of I-JSON ( 
generators/parsers (loosing lots of potential implementations).

Best regards, Julian

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