Re: Call for Adoption: Same-site Cookies

OK, we've seen support from implementers on this, and no pushback, so let's adopt it.

Mike, do you want to put the source in our repo? Happy to help if you like.


> On 4 May 2016, at 5:17 PM, Mark Nottingham <> wrote:
> <>
> We discussed this draft in Buenos Aires, and it appears that there's a growing amount of implementer interest in it.
> As discussed earlier <>, we are going to use a Call for Adoption process to assure that what we specify in terms of changes to Cookies -- if anything -- will actually get implemented.
> So, please discuss on-list:
> 1) Your intent to implement it (or lack thereof). 
> 2) Your support for the spec (or lack thereof).
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Mark Nottingham

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