Re: Issue with "bytes" Range Unit and live streaming

On 2016-05-12 04:19, Craig Pratt wrote:
> On 5/11/16 6:40 PM, Martin Thomson wrote:
>> On 12 May 2016 at 10:59, Mark Nottingham <> wrote:
>>> 1. Changing the 'bytes' range-unit to allow this use case
>>> 2. Minting a new range-unit
>> I suggested a third option: work around the limitation.  Was there a
>> reason that isn't feasible?  (There are probably many, but I saw none
>> offered.)
> I'm definitely OK with a third option.
> If no one thinks it's safe to define new Range Units, perhaps the
> ...

FTR: I remain unconvinced that new we can't define new range units. Yes, 
intermediaries will not know hot to handle them (and thus must fall back 
to returning the full resource=), but that doesn't have to always be a 
problem, in particular with https.

Best regards, Julian

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