Is the response header "Upgrade: h2" allowed when TLS is used?


I have a question regarding the "Upgrade" header. The HTTP/2  
specification says:
> A server MUST ignore an "h2" token in an Upgrade header field.  
> Presence of a token with "h2" implies HTTP/2 over TLS, which is  
> instead negotiated as described in Section 3.3.

Does this imply that a server must not (or should not) send an  
"Upgrade: h2" response header to clients?

This question is important for Apache httpd, because version 2.4.20  
sends such an "Upgrade: h2" response header to clients that speak  
HTTP/1.x. Other HTTP/2 server software does not (e.g. nginx, Google's  
and Twitter's web servers).

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Received on Tuesday, 19 April 2016 14:17:04 UTC