Re: [Technical Errata Reported] RFC7540 (4663)

It breaks the CGI interface, which per RFC 3875 is expecting the SERVER_PROTOCOL variable to contain "HTTP/2.0", not "HTTP/2".  It may also break any server log analysis tools which depend on the ANBF syntax as the variable may also appear in the logs.

RFC 3875, Section 4.1.16 ABNF:

   HTTP-Version      = "HTTP" "/" 1*digit "." 1*digit

The "minor" number is not optional.  If this has been changed, RFC 7540 needs to say so.  It doesn't.

Personally, I don't care if this is handled via an errata or another RFC which clarifies the conflict.

On Tue, 4/12/16, Barry Leiba <> wrote:
I don't understand how it breaks anything: when you use HTTP/1.1, you have the minor version.  When you use HTTP/2, you're using a server that understands HTTP/2 and knows what to expect.  Please explain where the problem occurs.

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