Re: Acknowledging pushed content

On 8 April 2016 at 13:00, Phil Lello <> wrote:
> In both a traditional desktop browser environment and server-to-server web
> services, paging is often used when dealing with a set of results. To
> optimise responsiveness, a server could send page 1 and push page 2. The
> objective here is to tell the server when page 2 is requested by the client
> so that it can prepare/push page 3. In a browser environment, this could be
> implemented with client-side application logic, but DELETE seems like the
> wrong action. In a server-to-server environment for a public webservice,
> where there will be multiple client implementation, it seems better to
> handle this with a 'push-consumed' frame at the HTTP/2 level, so a server
> can try to keep pipelines full for clients without changing
> application-level semantics.

I don't see any way around the problem here.  The consumption of the
resource is not what you are looking to trigger on; that could occur
long before the navigation happens.  The event of interest exists at
the application layer.  Use an application layer mechanism.

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