Re: Last Call: <draft-alakuijala-brotli-08.txt> (Brotli Compressed Data Format) to Informational RFC

I think it's a bit too bike-sheddy for people to be interested in getting

Note that 'br' is already in use in the wild (Firefox, cURL [I think], my
webservers at work, etc.) and is actually the second name for the encoding
since 'bro' drew complaints.
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> (I sent this comment already two weeks ago to, as suggested
> in the Last Call announcement, but received no response or any other kind
> of acknowledgement. Therefore, I am sending this to this mailing list,
> hoping to find someone interested in it here.)
> This document requests a registration in the HTTP Content Coding Registry.
> Its authors proposed the 'br' token, which is an abbreviation of the
> algorithm name ('brotli').
> However, by reviewing existing entries in the HTTP Content Coding
> Registry, you can notice that so far established convention is to use
> *full* algorithm name, rather than its abbreviation. For example:
> - 'gzip' is used instead of 'gz'
> - 'compress' is used instead of 'z'
> - etc.
> This convention is also respected by implementations when they create
> unofficial/non-standardized tokens. For example lighttpd and lynx support
> bzip2 compression and use 'bzip2' token for indicating it, rather than
> 'bz2' abbreviation.
> I would urge to not break this convention and maintain the existing
> consistency, that is, to select and register 'brotli' as a HTTP Content
> Coding token for Brotli Compressed Data Format, instead the 'br'
> abbreviation.
> Piotr Jurkiewicz
> Department of Telecommunications
> AGH University of Science and Technology
> Kraków, Poland

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