Question Regarding RFC2616-14.1 Accept Header


First off, my apologies if this is the wrong list for this question, but I've
had a heck of a time trying to find someone knowledgeable on this topic.

I'm working on a utility that fetches its config via HTTP from a remote system.
The configuration language for this utility will evolve over time, so I need a
way for the utility to convey which configuration versions are valid. I'd like
to use the HTTP Accept header for this task and I think it would look something
like the following (broken across lines for readability):

   application/vnd.coreos.ignition+json; version=2,
   application/vnd.coreos.ignition+json; version=1; q=0.5

My intent is to convey to the remote system that this particular version of the
utility can accept version 1 or 2 of application/vnd.coreos.ignition+json, with
a preference for version 2. I believe this is syntactically correct, but I'm
wondering if it's semantically correct as well - am I abusing this

Any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Received on Friday, 1 April 2016 14:56:03 UTC