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On 04/09/15 16:04, Julian Reschke wrote:
> On 2015-09-03 11:47, Stephen Farrell wrote:
>> ...
>>>> But more importantly, yes, I'm asking about the kind of analysis
>>>> that lead to the section 10.6 you point at.
>>> There was no analysis because the use of compression in this
>>> client->server direction really really isn't new at all.
>> Hmmm.
>> S.
> Right now we have:
>> 6. Security Considerations
>> This specification does not introduce any new security considerations
>> beyond those discussed in Section 9 of [RFC7231].
> that's clearly not helping. How about:
> "This specification introduces only discovery of supported content
> codings and diagnostics for requests failing due to unsupported content
> codings. As such, it doesn't introduce any new security considerations
> over those already present in HTTP/1.1 (see Section 9 of [RFC7231]) and
> HTTP/2 (Section 10 of [RFC7540]).
> However, the point of better discoverability and diagnostics is to make
> it easier to use content codings in requests. This might lead to
> increased usage of compression codings such as gzip (Section 4.2.3 of
> [RFC7230]), which, when used over a secure channel, can be subject to
> compression side-channel attacks such as BREACH (Section 10.6 of
> [RFC7540], [BREACH]). At the time of publication, it was unclear how
> BREACH-like attacks can be applied to compression in HTTP requests."
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