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Hi Tim,

There are a lot of background projects to improve the presentation of RFCs out there; it’s probably best to get involved in one (or several) of them, rather than any one spec (since we use external stylesheets).

A few links that might interest you:

## Julian Rescke’s XSLT — <>

This is what produced the spec you link to below. Last I heard, Julian doesn’t have a definitive repository for this; Julian?

## My Bootstrap-flavoured XSLT — <>

Based upon Julian’s, but grafting in Boostrap for presentation. See <> for an example. I’m happy to take issues / pull requests (it definitely needs more work).

## xml2rfc — <>

Python program that produces HTML output, often considered to be the “definitive” (if very ugly) output.

## RFC future format — <>

The RFC Editor is running a program to change the format of RFCs itself, and last I heard, the definitive format would be XML, allowing different stylesheets to be used to present it. Participating here may give you the most bang for your buck in the long term.


> On 31 Mar 2015, at 2:45 am, Tim Wright <> wrote:
> ​Would it be possible to volunteer to work on the typography for this document? I was reading through it today and found it generally difficult​ to get through. I think some fonts and small type changes could go a long way for this (and other similar documents).
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> ​Best,
> Tim​

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