Re: HTTP/2 Upgrade with content?

On 13.03.2015 15:21, Stefan Eissing wrote:
> Well, this discussion quickly dove into the quantum foam between specification and deployed software.
> I take away from it:
> - that protocol switching happens immediately after the 101 response - for the downstream. On the upstream it switches after the request has been read. Pretty obvious in hindsight, as those things are.
> - servers should be predictable in upgrading, either always with content or only without.
> - the common use case for upgrade on POST does not benefit from h2c and this it seems not worth the effort to implement. Fullfilling the request on HTTP/1.1 format seems to work fine.
> - maybe a mixed 1.1 up and h2c down request could be made to work, but there seems no gain for anyone in creating this mythical beast.
> //Stefan
Another thing which the client may do if it needs to send a POST request 
first and doesn't know if the server supports HTTP2 is to send an 
OPTIONS request in front of the POST. Either the upgrade already works 
for the OPTIONS request or it is then known the server will only support 


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