Re: HTTP/2 Upgrade with content?

On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 04:28:46AM -0400, Jason T. Greene wrote:
> What about draining the content and after the 101 the h2 response
> sends a 307?

Might work if you never send a 100 (including implicitly by waiting
too long). 100-Continue may mean that the data transfer can't
be retried after it starts.

And if the client app is has simplistic redirect checking (just
count redirects), one could even 307 to self...

I.e, as flow:
- POST to foo (with upgrade to h2c and 100-expect)
- 101 to h2c
- 307 to foo
- POST to foo (with 100-expect)
- 100
- <payload>
- 200


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