Re: draft-ietf-httpbis-auth-info

On 3/03/2015 7:37 p.m., Julian Reschke wrote:
> On 2015-03-03 03:49, Mark Nottingham wrote:
>> Julian has disposed of all of the issues raised during WGLC, and
>> there's only one editorial issue left (regarding RFC2119 language).
> The ones I added in github. Amos, are you ok with the changes I made?

In the new text for section 4 copied from RFC7235:

  Hence, in such a configuration, it will appear as if	
  Proxy-Authentication-Info is being forwarded because each proxy will	
  send the same challenge set.

I'm not sure if "challenge set" is the right words there since this is a
response header and challenge is request detail.
 Perhapse "header field-value" instead?

Overall it looks good to me, even with the above.


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