Transitioning from RFC2616ff to RFC7230ff

I am involved with a number of standards that use HTTP 1.1. We currently
reference RFC2616 and related RFCs, and would like to upgrade to RFC7230
and related RFCs.

Is there any document that covers:

   1.  which old RFC maps to which new RFC? (From what I can see, the
      mapping is not or at least not always 1:1, that's why I'm asking...)
      See an example for "old RFCS", below.

   2. which requirements targeting HTTP origin servers and HTTP user agents
      are added or will change, when an implementation that currently
      conforms to the old RFCs, wants to conform to the new RFCs?

As one example for "old RFCs", here is the set of HTTP related RFCs that
   are normatively referenced by one particular of our specifications:

   IETF RFC2246, The TLS Protocol Version 1.0, January 1999,
   IETF RFC2616, Hypertext Transfer Protocol – HTTP/1.1, June 1999,
   IETF RFC2617, HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access
   Authentication, June 1999,
   IETF RFC2818, HTTP Over TLS, May 2000,
   IETF RFC4346, The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol, Version 1.1,
   April 2006,
   IETF RFC5246, The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol, Version 1.2,
   August 2008,
   IETF RFC6585, Additional HTTP Status Codes, April 2012,


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