Re: Call for adoption: draft-reschke-httpauth-auth-info-00

On 2015-02-01 10:00, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
> * Mark Nottingham wrote:
>> Julian has proposed that
>> <> be
>> adopted by this WG, with the aim of getting to LC quickly so that it can
>> be referenced by other efforts.
> There is basically no information in the draft what the header can,
> should, or should not be used for, it does not even indicate what the
> `Digest` scheme uses it for, and it does not point out caveats like

The latter is supposed to be in the DIGEST spec.

Do you have a proposal for the former?

> poor interaction with pipelined requests as they are noted in RFC 2617
> and whether such considerations apply to HTTP/2, for instance. I guess

Again, that seems to be specific to the nextnonce parameter which is 
specific to DIGEST.

> that can be addressed, but it would not have hurt to let the `-00` draft
> go through a round of feedback before calling for adoption.

Best regards, Julian

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