Re: #34: Alt-Svc-Used indicator granularity

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> Does anyone else have comment / concern here?
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OK, so we're going back to 

> 4. The Service HTTP Header Field
> The Service HTTP header field is used in requests to indicate the identity of the alternate service in use, just as the Host header field identifies the host and port of the origin.
> Service = uri-host [ ":" port ]
> Service is intended to allow alternate services to detect loops, differentiate traffic for purposes of load balancing, and generally to ensure that it is possible to identify the intended destination of traffic, since introducing this information after a protocol is in use has proven to be problematic.
> When using an Alternate Service, clients MUST include a Service header in all requests.
> For example:
> GET /thing
> Host:
> Service:
> User-Agent: Example/1.0

...except the header field name stays "Alt-Used", and the MUST becomes a 

Will we still need the extension parameters?

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