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> This is not about the existing application/xml mime type. Martin is
> suggesting a new mime type. Such as application/xml+vtimestamp.
> The client would send the HTTP header Accept:*/xml+vtimestamp,*/xml and
> the server return application/xml+vtimestamp where the XML has embeded
> vtimestamps.

That is not very practical in this case as we have three iCalendar media 
types (text/calendar, application/calendar+xml, application/calendar+json) 
in addition to the application/xml.

> Another way to look at whether Prefer is appropriate is - what can HTTP
> proxies or HTTP servers that support Prefer but not WebDAV do to meet
> the preference ?
> In this case there is nothing. Since payload manipulation requires
> WebDAV XML format knowledge.

The Prefer spec says this:

   The Prefer header field is end to end and MUST be forwarded by a
   proxy if the request is forwarded unless Prefer is explicitly
   identified as being hop by hop using the Connection header field
   defined by [RFC7230], Section 6.1.

Which implies that an end-to-end preference is just as valid a use case as 
a one where the proxy can intervene.

Cyrus Daboo

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