Re: NEW PREFERENCE - vtimezone

On 20/06/2015 5:08 a.m., Cyrus Daboo wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> --On June 19, 2015 at 9:56:11 AM -0700 Martin Thomson
> <> wrote:
>>> Indicates whether the client prefers a CalDAV server
>>>       to send "VTIMEZONE" iCalendar components in responses.
>> This is a very general type of solution to what appears to be a highly
>> specific problem.  Isn't this just content negotiation?  Could you use a
>> MIME type?
>> I understand that there might be compatibility issues, but this seems
>> like
>> a poor use of the Prefer mechanism.
> Content negotiation at the HTTP level (Accept header) is not possible
> here because some of the CalDAV responses actually contain calendar data
> embedded in an overall XML response - i.e., the HTTP response is
> application/xml, that contains XML elements with text/calendar data in
> them. We want those embedded calendar data elements to be subject to the
> "preference".

This is not about the existing application/xml mime type. Martin is
suggesting a new mime type. Such as application/xml+vtimestamp.

The client would send the HTTP header Accept:*/xml+vtimestamp,*/xml and
the server return application/xml+vtimestamp where the XML has embeded

Another way to look at whether Prefer is appropriate is - what can HTTP
proxies or HTTP servers that support Prefer but not WebDAV do to meet
the preference ?

In this case there is nothing. Since payload manipulation requires
WebDAV XML format knowledge.


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