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, Martin Thomson writes:
>On 12 May 2015 at 10:17, Poul-Henning Kamp <> wrote:
>> Which is why we should think about "Accept-Encryption"
>I think that the problem you are concerned with is why the Key
>draft [1] exists.
>In this context, I don't see responses actually varying based on the
>Accept-Encoding header field.  Servers will encrypt based on their
>needs more so than in reaction to clients claiming support.

Think Internet-Of-Junk.  Not everybody may support the same crypto
algorithms, for reason of size, cpu-power, electrical power or laws.

Being able to tell the server what the client can (and is allowed
to) cope with, the server can better pick the right algo.

>In fact, if we were to rely solely on Accept-Encoding (or create
>Accept-Encryption), then we create the potential for a downgrade
>attack if we ever need to define an alternative encryption encoding to
>address flaws in this one.

It's still the servers responsibility to enforce the overall policy
of encryption and laugh at such attacks.  (One logical reaction:
reply "use SSL instead then")

Also:  Without Accept-Encryption (of some kind), we have no way to
phase in new and stronger crypto later on.

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